7 Ways You Can Make Cleaning Fun for the Whole Family

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7 Ways You Can Make Cleaning Fun for the Whole Family

There’s no denying that cleaning is one of the most daunting tasks for all members of the family most especially the kids. Sometimes, just the thought of cleaning will make you want to delay it for another week. Nonetheless,putting it off will only make your job harder because all the stuff you need to tidy up would have already piled up. Luckily, there are ways to make cleaning fun, you just have to learn how to be creatitve. Here are seven ways to help make cleaning fun for the whole family.

  1. Play Some Tunes
    Listening to some upbeat music while doing cleaning can get the whole family’s energy up. This will provide a good distraction for your family and make them less aware of how trying the tasks are. A playlist with all the songs will keep the hype up in the house and can help make cleaning less boring.
  2. Feed Them
    It’s also important to take a break every so often when cleaning. While the goal is to clean the whole house, it’s also important to keep it fun. Cleaning can take up a lot of energy leaving you exhausted after.
  3. In between the cleaning sessions, replenish your family’s energy by preparing food that your family can snack on. Have them drink lots of water, especially during a hot day. Remember to ask your family to clean their hands first before eating.

  4. Turn Cleaning into a Game
    What better way to make cleaning fun than turning it into a game? Takeyour cleaning game up a notch by turnint it into a friendly competition. This will help the kids spirits up and encourage their active participation in the activity.
    Create a list of cleaning chores and assign specific points for it. Include the least-fun cleaning chore (bathroom cleaning or scrubbing tile grout) in the list and assign a higher score for it. You can also set a timer for the kids and see who gets to pick up the most toys within the allotted time. The family member who gets the most points or toys, wins the game and receives the prize.
  5. Find Out What Chores They Like
    Letting the kids do the chore they like the most first can help motivate them. For instance, if they like washing the dishes, watch how they do it and help them do it correctly. Praise their efforts to keep their spirits up before assigning another task. Even if you need to redo all of their work, they will still learn something out of it.

  6. Take Note of Their Allergies
    Even if your kids have become hyped up when cleaning, it quickly goes away once they come in contact with allergens such as dusts or mites. This will trigger itching, rash, or constant sneezing which is no fun at all. Let them do the chores that involve less contact with potential allergens like washing the dishes, arranging the toys, or food preparation.
  7. Use Good Cleaning Products
    There’s nothing more fulfilling than actually seeing the fruit of your labor. Picking out products that are also suitable for the children to use will ensure that cleaning won’t just be fun but is safe as well.
    Moreover, letting your kids see the result of their hard work and praising them for it can also boost up their mood. This would make them want to help you more in the future.
  8. Give Rewards
    Be sure to have a reward ready by the end of each cleaning session. Think of something that your family have always wanted to do or have. Give them a brief orientation before the cleaning starts and have them clean as thorough as they can.
    Getting a reward after a long work is one of the best feelings in the world. Make sure to establish a reward that will make it worth your family’s while.

Cleaning can have a lot of benefits. Aside from the fact that it can keep your family healthy, it also helps you detect any issues that a building inspector might discover before you. Make sure to schedule a thorough cleaning of your whole house at least once a month.
Now that you have an idea on how to make cleaning fun for the family, don’t delay the task for another week. Start cleaning with your family and set your mind at ease.

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